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Sessions are done online using Zoom, and both audio and video recordings are sent to you after we're done.

I only charge for my time, regardless of the context or particular task. For general chart readings, please feel to write me a note while booking the session, and specify your relevant needs, focus, and/or expectations. Timelines are always useful for context, and there is no such thing and too much detail for our purposes.

I also offer chart rectifications for folks who don't know their time of birth. This is als
o a one-hour session at the same price, although the appointment may be broken into two half-hour sessions held a few days to a week apart. Timelines are essential in this matter, the more calendar dates the better. 

Electional astrology is also on offer. The standard flat one-hour session is also used here, although in some instances if the work is done within half an hour, the second half-hour can be held as credit for a future session if desired.

Astrology consultations are adaptable to any number of needs, from tackling today's problems, to sorting out a lifetime of questions and traumas. Whether you're a casually curious rationalist or a cosmically committed spiritualist, astrology is a universal language that speaks to everybody.


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