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Venus Retrograde in Astrology Explained

Venus Retrograde in Astrology Explained

An in-depth explanation of what Venus retrograde means in astrology, with astrologers Chris Brennan, Nick Dagan Best, and Patrick Watson. We begin by talking about what Venus retrograde means astronomically, and what it correlates with in mundane astrology, and then focus on what it means as a transit in natal astrology. Later we outline some techniques for determining if an upcoming Venus retrograde will be important in your life, and what area of your life it will manifest its significations in. Eventually we touch on the 8 year Venus synodic cycle, and show how Venus retrograde repetitions during these periods can connect events in a person's life over a longer span of time. This is episode 405 of The Astrology Podcast: Nick and Patrick's websites: Patreon for The Astrology Podcast: Please be sure to like and subscribe! #TheAstrologyPodcast Timestamps 00:00:00 Introduction 00:02:22 Venus' significations 00:04:55 Venus retrograde astronomically 00:19:10 What does Venus retrograde mean? 00:39:15 Examples in world events 01:19:29 Examples in lives of individuals 01:29:00 Venus retrograde in the birth chart 02:26:12 Retrogrades more important when you have it natally 02:39:34 8 year synodic cycle repetitions 02:39:35 The house Venus goes retrograde in 03:22:12 Annual profections 03:26:08 Shadow periods, intervals & phases 03:37:33 Patrons, sponsors, end cards
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